Watch our brief C&D Debris application overview video to see how an SSI shredding solution can help you maximize productivity, capability and profit.

Primary Reduction
For C&D Recycling

Material Recovery Facilities optimize processing of mixed, oversized & bulky C&D debris by incorporating SSI technology at the ‘front-end’ of their operations.

Primary Reduction for C&D MRFs

Primary Shredding
Before Grinding

SSI's primary shredders do the heavy lifting, allowing secondary grinders to run more efficiently, at higher production rates, with less maintenance and downtime.

Primary Shredding Before Grinding

Secondary Shredding
of Residuals & Fuel

SSI offers a variety of robust, secondary shredding technologies to densify bulky residuals, produce daily cover, or generate a 'spec' fuel product.

Secondary Shredding of Residuals & Fuel

Discover how you can increase your C&D debris processing efficiency.


Terri Ward, our C&D specialist, is happy to speak with you about your C&D debris processing needs and how SSI Shredding Systems can help develop a solution that's right for you.

Terri Ward
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PRI-MAX® for
‘Front End’ Processing

SSI PRI-MAX® units can prepare over 100 tph of mixed C&D for downstream sorting or grinding and are a cost-effective alternative to manual pre-crushing.

PRI-MAX for 'Front End' Processing

Dual-Shear® For
Secondary Shredding

SSI's configurable Dual-Shear® shredders result in less dust, vibration and noise — ideal at the end of a sort line. Reliable shredding for volume reduction or alternative fuel.

Dual-Shear® for Secondary Shredding

Quad® For
Fuel Production

With the output of a grinder, robustness of a shredder, and a screen to determine output size, Quad® is the ‘go to’ technology for off-line processing of alternative fuel feedstocks.

Quad® for Fuel Production
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